Topaz Salon is looking for dedicated, creative stylists

2020 has been an unprecedented year of change, and if you are looking for a salon to call "HOME,” I invite you to consider Topaz Salon on South Lamar.

As you think about your journey there are many important factors to consider, but we believe finding a home is the most important. At Topaz, we provide a “home” that is clean and safe for you and your clients. By implementing the highest standards of sanitation and the use of PPE, we are keeping Austin beautiful. 

For 20 years we have been home to more than 25 of the best stylists in Austin, Texas. Home at Topaz means a place you like to go to work and your individual creative side is not lost. You are part of something bigger; a place where you walk in and everyone is happy to see you. Simply stated, a work "HOME." The success of “you” hinges equally as much (if not more) on a good salon. Below is why I'd like you to consider Topaz as your home for your next 11 years and beyond.

The logistics to consider:

1. Location - South Lamar/Central, we all know the old proverb about retail, "Location, Location, Location." As soon as you look out our front door, you understand growing development- condos/apartments with over 700 units less than 500 feet from us, not to mention we share the strip mall with the “A” list of businesses such as Starbucks, One2one Bar, Palm Beach Tan, Dental 360, South Lamar Pharmacy and Dominos. Why is this important? Customer traffic. 

2. Parking- Don’t you hate the parting in Austin? In most places it's a nightmare. With all this growth, there is always a problem with parking, but not in this case! The parking in our private lot is more than ample and many times you and your customers can pull up right in front of our door, grab a cup of coffee and walk back all within 60 seconds.

3. Online Booking Software - We use STX booking software. It's cool and works flawlessly, but if you prefer the more traditional way, then you do it the way you want. We employ the best front desk people who love what they do and will be happy to support your bookings.

4. Hours- We're open late as well as Mondays. Sometimes you just need to work into the night! As a "booth holder" you choose your hours and days, you get your own key and you come in and leave when you decide.

5. Austin Vibe Salon- This is the coolest part of Topaz; when you take the very best stylists, an amazing support staff, great location and good parking, you have vibe, outward vibe that's getting noticed. Along with our vibe, we are supporting local artists from the artwork in the salon to the band members who get their hair cut right before a gig.

6. Booth Price- I am not going to make you call to get the prices, I am proud that we are very fair and competitive. We have a few booth options (some with FREE RENT to start) options range from $215.00 to $330.00, but look around, we are not over priced at the high end (yes, we know some of our competitors' range $380.00-$415.00). We are in the mid-range of prices.

7. Education- In house education is provided with the guidance of Bumble and Bumble. You can choose to partake or hang back, whatever you prefer.

8. Reputation- We have an outstanding reputation in Austin. Yelp, Google and the others tell the story. We aren't perfect, but we are darn good. 

9. Hands Off Owners- They see it as "you're our customer, and in return we take care of you and yours." This is not something they take lightly. They're not in your business, yet there if you need the help, just ask. The salon is run by the group as a whole and your input actually means something. As independent contractors, you determine your prices and services.

Okay, it's a lot to take in, but you can see we're not shy about telling you why we think we're one of the best salons in Austin. So, I invite you to call, come in and have a cup of coffee, meet some folks and if you like what you see then that sign, “if you worked here you be home by now…" may apply to you.

Come share the concept of home. Call Cars at 512-851-2070 or upload your resume below.


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